Trekking & Hiking in Tibet

For hikers with lofty ambitions, Tibet can absolute to satisfy any kind of searching for internal secretion and challenge.

Often dubbed the ‘Roof of the World’, Tibet is home to a number of the world’s tallest mountains. geographics in Tibet is on a humbling scale —dramatic mountains topped with colourful prayer flags loom over huge plains, whereas glittering turquoise lakes substitute the shadow of centuries-old glaciers.

With its dramatic moonscapes and gorgeous vistas, Tibet has the ability to impress even the most hardened trekker. Better of all, there are a lot of less trekkers here than in neighboring Nepal — however the landscapes are equally, if not even a lot of spectacular!

While Tibet is tough to induce in (on a tour only!) and even tougher to trek (due to the altitude), the rewards of trekking in one of the world’s most rugged countries are well worthwhile. whether you're a beginner walker or an old mountaineer, trekking in Tibet is bound to challenge and reward you at an equivalent time. Here could be a detailed guide for those that have an interest in trekking in Tibet.