Trekking & Hiking

Paradise Destination strives to make your Trekking in Nepal Holidays best one yet! We ensure Eco-Friendly Tourism, optimal service, and safety. We are the leading Trekking Company in Nepal offering an extensive spectrum of travel services. We are a devoted team of experts many years of experience. We are also among the fastest rising travel thresholds since we present the excellent services to satisfy our customers. Trekking in Nepal is as much as cultural experience as a Himalayan adventure. In the shadows and foothills of the icy pinnacles of the Himalaya, one passes picturesque charming village inhabited by diverse ethnic groups.

Being the landlocked country in the world situated between the laps of two big stones we are rich in fast flowing rivers. Nepal a country of Himalayans, only the expert team with the experience can make the trekking safe and the memorable in Nepal, so among the expert team, we are the one agency leading company for the trekking, and expertise travel solution. Paradise Destination working since many years with the aim to uplift the tourism in Nepal focuses the trekking in Nepal.