Sightseeing Tours

The ethnic groups here in Nepal still follow age-old customs of Hindu, Buddhist and Kirati religious practices; they have their own lifestyles. The latest census of Nepal puts that there are over 101 ethnic groups of them, the government has recognized some 59 ethnic groups as an indigenous peoples, who hold some 92 dialect and over 10 different religions. These features are self-exemplary that Nepal is a perfect place to have cultural tour, apart from trekking and other sorts of tours.

Paradise Destination also arrange the day tour to Bhaktapur city. The famous temple called Changunarayan temple also situated here. This temple also carries the historical importance. This place is one of the best tourist attraction places. Beside this Bhaktapur Durbar Square is also situated near to the Changunarayan. Different museums, historical weapons, hand made windows and crafts added more attraction to these temples.