Spiritual Journey

In today’s world, we have forgotten to consider ourselves in peace. A spiritual tour gives you a chance to know something about yourself and local communities. A journey for Holy growth creates breathing space and time away from your busy life. It is an investment for your healthy life. It allows you to learn about different cultures, be thoughtful, and keeps your mind on peace. A spiritual tour will be very beneficial for you personally because this tour leads you for self-care and personal growth. Paradise destination has made several Nepali Spiritual tour packages designed based on folks that want peace. Besides adventure tourism Nepal is also best for the spiritual tour. Nepal is rich in culture and religious diversity, incredible in hospitality with kind peoples. Hinduism and Buddhism is the dominant religion, followed by the Nepalese people.

There are many gumpas and monasteries in the Kathmandu Valley. These beautiful Buddhist monasteries and peaceful Hindu temples will change your thinking and make you more open-minded and focused. You can also study the Buddhist culture and start your new way of living with nonviolence. Not only enjoying The Pilgrimage site also you get a chance to view the natural beauties of Nepal fantastic (Himalayan views, jungle safari, Everest view Lake City Pokhara temple city Pokhara). The incredible team of Paradise destination helps you to make your spiritual tour more peaceful and memorable.