When thinking for the adventure one can think about the Nepal for more adventurous activities. Nepal is a small country when we see it in the map of the world but Nepal seems to be a big country when it is visited and it is once explored. Nepal being a country of Himalayans it is the best place for the Peak climbing and hiking. Exploring Nepal without climbing in the hills surrounded with the many wildlife and the big rocks might be incomplete. Singing bird and roaring tiger in the forestry hills make the climbing and hiking more interesting.

Till now in the Nepal history Tensing Norgay Sherpa is the great one to climb over the peak, she makes the name of the country all over the world. With this name also being rich country in we all need to be encouraged for the peak climbing and hiking in the Himalayans. Climbing the peaks may be the risky one also if there is no all the equipment’s available, but doesn’t feel confuse if you are in the hand of Paradise Destination.