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Dolpo region preserved eco-system encompasses a wild and fantastic type of flora and fauna, together with blue sheep, Rocky Mountain goat, jackal, wolf, and also the legendary snow leopard. Dolpo remains a really isolated corner of Nepal, that is described as the place that created people feel as if the time stood still here for hundreds of years as inhabitants of Tibetan stock continues to live, cultivate and trade the method they have done for many years. The east and south of it's bordered by the Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal ranges and to the west by Jumla district.

Trekking in Lower Dolpo offers you the outstanding and worthy expertise of lifetime and altitude ranges from 2500m to 5,190m. Dolpo region has given birth of Peter Matthiessen's masterpiece and best marketing book' Snow Leopards' and Eric Valli's oscar nominated film CARAVAN (also known HIMALAYA) was featured during this isolated range of mountains sanctuary.