Wildlife Tour

A wildlife tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Many people visit Nepal to learn different things about wildlife. As we know, Nepal is divided into three regions Himalayan region, mountain region, and the Terai region, so there are varieties in natural vegetation. There 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal. Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Lang tang National park, Khaptad National park, Bardiya National park, Makalu National park, Suklapatan National park, Bake National park, Parsa wildlife reserve, Dhor Patan Haunting conservations are the most visited National park and wildlife sanctuaries of Nepal. 

Chitwan is the biggest national park in Nepal, which was established in 1973. It is rich in natural flora you can see more than 60 species of Mammal a 500 species of bird within Chitwan National Park. The main attraction of the park is you can go bathing with Asian elephants. You will get the opportunity to see animals like wild Boar, monkey, deer, and crocodiles on Bardiya National Park. The fantastic team of paradise destination helps you to make your trip more relaxable and memorable.