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If clients wants to cancel the booking of tour or tour packages have to be notified in writing with a minimum of 30 days notice prior to departure, or you have to inform within the specified period allowed by the specific Tour or Tour packages. Refund rates are based on the date we receive your cancellation notice. Company have to confirm all the cancellation documents in writing to be more effective.

For entity: 

Factor supplied by third party(IES) example : train services, air tickets, crusine, etc cancellation fee under terms and conditions of the third party (IES) will embrace compensation administrative fee and any other deposit devoted to their suppliers to secure confirmations of the services. The cancellation should be made less than 30 days, the following condition shall apply, 

20-29 working days prior to departure date: 50% cancellation charges of total cost 

14-19 working days prior to departure date: 75% cancellation charges of total cost

3 or less than 3 working days prior to departure date: the charges is non refundable

Our company put to the side the right to make report to the itinerary wherever necessary, because of sudden conditions which are beyond our control. The changed itinerary will not disturb the other tour participants. No showing charges: If client doesn’t arrive at the fixed date and time or if they can’t continue their trip because of their personal matter than the amount paid for the specific tour or Tour packages will not be refundable. 

Unutilized services

Paradise Destination doesn’t stand any responsibility to refund for the unutilized services and company have righted to extract any itinerary or booking made or snuff any passenger of the tour if he/she acts unsocial and delinquently for the health safety, and for comfortless of other guests or passengers on the tour. So, the company shall not make any repayment for the unutilized services of the tour or tour packages. 

Exclusion/Limitation Liability

Paradise Destination will not be answerable for any damages which are made by the guest arising from any of the following events National or local emergency, task of any government or governmental authority or agency, revolution, civil disorder, war or military operations. 

Industrial disputes of any kind, strikes, lock-outs, stoppage or restraint of labor Traffic blocking, vehicle accident, off roads, highway Theft, robbery, lost property, luggage or food poisioning Separation a result of harmful infection diseases or safety on tour members or impair their comfort.

Any cancellation or modification of tour itinerary or tour services because of any aforesaid events or because of any decision, mission of the Company principle, their agent and workers.

Paradise destination is here only as an agent  for the hotels or car hire companies, railroad or streamlines or also can be the owners of contractors providing accommodation, transportation or other services, exchange orders, receipts. The company will not be the responsible for the death or injury to any person or damage/lose of baggage. The company will not be responsible for any natural disaster and damages made by the disaster. 

Medical issue 

The company principle(s) assets the right to decline passenger to take the trip and passenger will sacrifice the trip cost, and in this case the organizer shall have no liability. If passenger is so critical or challenged then they most bring their goods and be careful with all the necessary items related to their health conditions. If any big condition arises after the booking the trip, medical advice must be given in writing without delay. 

The organizer and all staffs form any accountability related to its treatment. The Organizer first concern clients health and safety during the tour, but organizer is not the medical gift. Passenger should be careful and must have good health to participate in Group Tour. The organizer is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment of the passenger. So, they may receive all their required health or medical care items before they move for trip.


If there are any claims against Paradise Destination they must be written 14 days after the completion of tour, after that date company accepts no responsibility. Also, customer may refer their complaints to the Business Trust Secretarial if they are not pleased with the declaration of the complaint. Complaints can be transferred to the tourism Board of Nepal.