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Nepal is a soil of God and Godness and it is also a territory of festival: further more than 50 festivals are famous in Nepal round  year. The festivals also look like the regional, cultural and traditional diversity of Nepal which holds better importance for local Nepalese people.

Festivals in Nepal are not now the annual event: they are a livelihood part of wealthy cultural heritages. Nepal festival gives an imminent keen on the rich cultural spirit that is celebrated with full of life, colors and eagerness in a energetic environment. 

Dashain: It is the main festival renowned all above Nepal by Hindus and Buddhist. The festival spray on the month of September-October and is celebrated for 10 successive days. According to the myths Godness Durga occupied ills on the dashain day. The bazaar is packed with shopper looking for new clothing, gifts, luxury and huge provisions of a temple contribution for the gods, as well as crop for the family feasting.  

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Tihar:  Tihar is the largest part of vibrant, multicolored festival celebrated in Nepal. It is five day festival, which comes right after Dashain. Throughout the time of this festival House are illuminated at night and unique sweets of different varieties are arranged. Hindu people adoration goddess Laxmi, the  Goddness of riches and prosperity. It is what's more a festival for brothers and sisters, sisters reverence their brother and wish for brother’s achievement, development and long life.   

Holi: Holi is a multicolored celebration celebrated with the entrance of spring after cruel winter. Playing with color fine particles and dancing broad open in the lane is the right way to celebrate Holi.

Teej: Teej is the most well-liked festival amongst the Nepalese women. It falls in the month of August or near the beginning of September. Women fast on this day for the elongated life of her husband and long and unyielding connection between them until the bereavement this life and all the life to come. Bachelor girls also observe fast on this day for a superior husband.

Maha shivaratri: Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu Festival famous yearly in respect of the god Shiva. It is the day Shiva was wedded to the goddness Parvati.

Buddha Jayanti: Buddha Jyanti is the birth day of Lord Gautam Buddha. Buddha’s original name was Siddhartha Gautam. Siddhartha Gautam was born about 543 BC in Kapilvastu of Nepal. Buddha Purnima festival or Buddha Jayanti festival is the most holy day in Buddhist calendar. It is the most significant festival of Buddhists, and is celebrated with great eagerness. Even though Buddhists look upon every full moon as holy, the moon of the mouth of Vaisakh (April-May) has special implication. The occasion is celebrate by gentle and calm passion, keeping in mind the very nature of Buddhism. People, specially women, go to common Viharas to view a rather longer-than-usual, full-length Buddhist sutra, as something like a service. The usual dress is pur white. Non-vegetarian food is usually avoided.