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How can I get Nepal visa?

You can get a visa in Kathmandu airport upon your arrival at USD30( or equivalent in other major currencies) for a 15 days visa, USD 50 for a 30 days visa and USD 125 for 90 days Multiple visa and you can also extend it later on if you wish. There is new machined named as Visa machine which makes it no longer necessary to have a passport photo.

What is the airport condition of Nepal?

Be careful that there are some airports touts and scam artist who take advantage of toursits. As you are new here so you have no idea about persons. They mights carry your bags and luggage and want more money but don’t give them more than 1 to 2 dollars.This is the small hassel that sometimes tousrist may face upon arrivaal in the airport. Doesn’t stress about this but just  be aware not to give more than a few dollars for their luggage handling if you choose to take someone’s services. Nepalese in general are very kind and hospitable people.

Which currencies are accepted in Nepal?

Some major currencies such as (USD,AUD and EURO) are accepted for both visa and in  general. There are plenty of ATM’s in both kathmandu and Pokhara and credit cards are accepted in limited shops and many restaurants.Please note that only Nepali rupees are acceptexd on the trek.

Travel insurance is mandatory or optional?

Travel Insurance and rescue when travelling to a remote destination like Nepal is strongly advised. Your insurance policy must cover all the activities that will be undertaking during your stay in Nepal. If a client become ill, all hospital expenses, docotors fees and repatitation costs are the clients responsibiluites.

We have arrangement with Helicopter Company to do the payments of the Helicopter Evacuation after we collect the payments with you once you have been rescued. And the reimburesement responsibility from your insurance company will go up toyou. Be sure our policy specifically covers helicopter evacuation and doesnot exclude mountaineering or alpinlsm.

When and where should you arrive?

You will arrive at Tribhuwan International Airport in kathmandu on the trip starting day or earlier.You will be received outside the kathmandu International Airport terminal gate by our representatives holding a Paradise Destination Signboard and he/she will escorts you to the Hotel.

Is there an Orientation Program?

Generally ,the orientation meeting is scheduled in kathmandu hotel at 4 or 5 pm and this will be informed by our reprensatatives after your arrival. The tour starts with an  orientation meeting and ends up after scheduled trip after breakfast. 

What are the things we should bring for trek in Nepal?

Kindly visit our travelers information page to find detail about all the things that you should bring. For your reference visit - https://paradisetoursnepal.com/page/equipment-checklist

Where will I stay during the tour?

In Kathmandu we will staying  at your selected hotel. These palces come highly recommended but please  don’t expect a Europeans standard of Hotel. These hotels are good, clean tourist hotels and are a good quality by Nepali standards.

What is the age gap of child? 

Hotel and airlines normally consider age group from 2 - 11 years as a child where as below 2 is considered as infant. And child discount is based on airlines policy and also the hotel policy.

How large is each tour group?

For each tour date,there wil be several separate groups. Each trekking group will have a maximum of 14 people with its own experienced english speaking guide. During the trek, there will be a suitable number of porters to carry your luggage.   

How many people in each room? 

There will be two people acommodated in each room for the duration of the tour. If you prefer private acommodation,you’ll find the option for “single supplement “.

Important: Please note that during the trek there are some lodges which won’t have sufficient rooms to provide private accomodation. So even if you purchased single supplement you will end up sharing a room for some days of the trek.  

Who is leading the tours/trek?

Our local Nepali team is one of the most experienced and respected trekking outfits in Nepal. The team is fully licensed and affilated with the Trekking agency’s Association of Nepal(TAAN), Nepal Mountainneering Association, Nepal Tourism Board, Govermnet of Nepal, sustainable Tourism Network,Himalayan Rescuse Association and kathmandu Environmental Educational Project. With experience,well trained,friendly guides,and couteous porters you are assured of a wonderfully memorable experience. 

Refund policy in case of not completing the trek?

Sometimes trekkers are unable to finish the scheduled trek due to various reasons or they ended up not completing the trek for health or personal reasons. In this case please realize that we cannot offer you any refunds for unused days on the treak. You have to understand that our costs are the same as we have an obligation to pay our guides and porters for the time they have committed.

Charging the digital camra other equipment on the trip? 

These facilities will be available in the most of the places in you hotel reception by paying some services remeber to bring two or three pin travel adapters! You can also buy the adapters in the supermarket or electronics shops in the kathmandu. Our guide can help you with it.

How mych money for my personal expenses?

Its difficult top give an exact amount of money that you should bring, Cost will vary according to how much you want to spend for shopping and where and what meals you want to eat. Trekkers find that around $20 ( for lunch nad dinner) a day reasonable for the treeking days.

Altitude Sickness a Problem?

The altitude sickness will get from 3000 meters. Normally below three 3000 meters will not have altitude related problems usually for peoples for stable health. But above it can cause altitude-related sickness.If you have a health condition which might cause problems please consult a doctor on the avalibility during the trek.

Drinking water on trek? 

There are two good options for having proper drinking water during the trek. You can bring water purification tablets or fill your bottles for a nominal fee from the recognized and regulated”pure water” stations along the treak. As the last alternative,you can purchased bottle water at lodges but this is not recommended.

What clothes shall I bring? 

Fairly well-worn hiking boots/shoes are a must! For tours between November and the first two weeks of march bring a jacket suitable for zero degrees celsius. For tours at other times please bring a jacket suitable for 4 to 6 degree celcius.

What things should you bring?

- Sleeping Bag
- Duffle Bag

What do we eat? 

All breakfast during your trip is included but lunches and dinners are not expected farewell dinner on the last day of the trip at the local resturants. 

Is being vegetarian,a problem?

No there will be no problem to vegetrain group. Most of the lodges serve vegetrain meals.

Will we see everest?

Yes you can! if you want to see the close view of everest and himalayn peaks, we can arrange mountain flights. To know more about it conatct us.

What is weather like in Nepal?

The width of Nepal is only about 200 km on an average, but within this short distance, the altitute of the place in Nepal. However, in general Nepal has four climatic seasons: spring,sumer,autumn and winter .


spring starts from march to may.The temperature of this season fluctuates between 20C to 30C. Summer starts from june to august. Autum starts from late september and ends by November. During this time the temperature become high and environment become dry. Winter starts from december to feburary. But at hight altitude it  becomes cold at every time.

Will there be Place to store items?

The trip hotel in Kathmandu and pokhara does provide free storage services. so you can store you luggage and clothing that are not required for the trekking and you can collect it after your trek.

Is there anyc ommunication while we are on trekking?

You may pass the number of our guide to your family for the callback or you can make a call fromn the guide’s mobile and pay  him directly for the international call too. 

Bag pack  Recommended size: 

50 liter capacity(10-12) kg per person if you are travelling with a friend you can share one pack betwwen the  two of you.