Tibet the Land of Snows, the roof of the planet. for hundreds of years this mysterious Buddhist kingdom, fastened away in its mountain fastness of the Himalaya, has exercised a novel hold on the imagination of the West. For explorers, imperialists and traders it absolutely was a prohibited land of treasure and wealth.

Dreamers on a religious quest have long unvoiced of a lost promised land, steeped in magic and mystery. once the doors were finally flung open within the mid-1980s, Asian nation lay in ruins. Between 1950 and 1970, the Chinese wrested management of the tableland, drove the Tibetans’ leader, the lama, and a few a hundred, 000 of Tibet’s finest into exile and consistently razed most of the Tibetan cultural and historical heritage, tired the name of revolution. For a short time pictures of religious mystic were replaced by icons of Chairman Mao.